Mag. Rita Schmiederer, CDC

Authorized Signatory Institute of Microtraining Personalentwicklung GmbH

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Institute of Microtraining Personalentwicklung GmbH

The Institute of Microtraining is one of the most innovative training providers in Europe. The basis is the method of microtraining. This combines short classroom training with mobile learning phases using a smartphone or computer. Microtraining is a symbiosis of technology, certified trainers, content and consulting.

Rita Schmiederer

Adult Education & Customer Relation Management

Rita Schmiederer is the expert for adult education and customer relation management at

Against the background of digital change, new principles are emerging for adult education: Learning must be resource-conserving, learning must be independent of place and time, learning must be efficient, learning must bring competences and learning successes must be measurable.


Rita Schmiederer studied nutrition science with a focus on nutrition economics at the University of Vienna. During her studies, she trained at various institutions of adult education and health care facilities, where she gained experience in training, coaching and counselling.

After completing her studies, she began her professional career in the Austrian food trade in divisional management and branch organisation. There Rita Schmiederer was able to gain sales and further personnel training experience.

This was followed by a change to the Austrian drugstore business, where she was able to deepen her experience in sales as national sales manager in Croatia. In this function she also supported the development of a personnel training concept and was responsible for the entire training and further education of the employees.

Afterwards there was a change back into the Austrian food trade. In addition to project developments and the development of sales concepts, Rita Schmiederer was also responsible for employee training.

Current activities at Institute of Microtraining

At the Institute of Microtraining, Rita Schmiederer is responsible for the development and ongoing support of the trainer network. It contributes to the successful onboarding of trainers and coordinates trainings.

Furthermore, Rita Schmiederer is familiar with customer project management and ensures the appropriate communication with customers. She has 14 years of sales management, personnel management, process management, coaching and training experience and can bring this to the Institute of Microtraining in many areas.

As a Certified Digital Consultant, Rita Schmiederer is also a consultant for funded SME DIGITAL consulting, which offers comprehensive support in realizing the opportunities of digitization. Their expertise makes it possible for them to make the value chain of companies more efficient through digital processes and the use of information and communication technologies.