Jasmin Walch, BSc, CDC

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Duftner and Partner Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Duftner und Partner has been dedicated to personnel recruitment for 20 years and is one of the best-known companies in Western Austria in the field of personnel consulting and personnel management.


Jasmin Walch

Recruiting & Personnel Management

Jasmin Walch is duftner.digital’s expert for recruiting and personnel management.

The entrepreneurial risk of personnel decisions makes it necessary to proceed systematically both with new hires and with internal selection decisions. Well-trained, motivated and committed employees have become a decisive success factor. This is because companies are increasingly confronted with the challenge of sustainably retaining existing key employees and attracting high-performing employees.


Jasmin Walch graduated from HBLA Ferrari with a major in economics and languages. She then worked as a bank clerk and flight attendant. While working, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics – Management and Economics at the University of Innsbruck. Jasmin Walch then worked as regional sales manager at Hofer KG, where she was responsible for the economic management of four branches and their staff management, as well as the training of apprentices throughout the branch. After a stay abroad in London, she gained experience as an office manager at the Wams Association.

Current activities at Duftner & Partner

Jasmin Walch works for Duftner und Partner in the areas of recruiting and personnel management. She supports companies in all phases of the selection process. Jasmin Walch accompanies and organises the entire process and takes over the complete planning and content of hearings and assessment centres. In addition, Jasmin Walch develops tailor-made instruments for the targeted employee development of the company and accompanies its implementation. Jasmin Walch has a particularly wealth of experience in the retail sector.

Digitalization is changing the world of work in every area. As a Certified Digital Consultant (CDC), Jasmin Walch develops holistic strategies for the digitization of business models.