Sabrina Huber, BA, CDC

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As a full-service provider in the mobile business, we have been accompanying our customers through the entire digitization process for almost 10 years. From the first idea to the finished app, we offer an overall concept from a single source, which is programmed in-house by experienced software experts, accompanied and constantly further developed. To be one contact for everything – that is our philosophy.

Sabrina Huber

Project and process management

Sabrina Huber is’s expert for project and process management.

Mobile applications not only help companies to optimize and automate processes, but also provide a channel to the customer that cannot be more direct and immediate. This fact can be used to create a good customer experience in our world, which is strongly focused on experiences, and to create relevance, added value and loyalty.


Sabrina Huber graduated from the Höhere Bildenden Lehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe in Kufstein with excellent results. She then obtained the 4-language diploma (English, French, Spanish, Russian) at the Berlitz language school in Salzburg.

At the MCI in Innsbruck Sabrina Huber completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in the Tourism and Leisure Industry. Her focus was on management, marketing, law, leadership and communication.

Sabrina Huber has completed several advanced training courses: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer, life and social counselling.

Current activity at M-Pulso

Sabrina Huber is M-Pulso’s expert for management, marketing, project management, customer care and organization. Sabrina Huber accompanies customers from the initial idea to the finished product and is responsible for informing and advising customers about possible implementation options. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum: app development, mobile development, current programming languages, current trends, marketing, etc. These topics are applied, adapted and individualized by her to the customer and his current project.

Sabrina Huber is involved in consulting, conception/prototyping as well as in the process of every customer project. The customers are very different and range from hobby beekeepers to international corporations. This breadth provides her with ideas and inspiration for further projects and enables her to apply Lessons Learn in other industries as well.
As Certified Digital Consultants Sabrina Huber is also a consultant for funded SME DIGITAL consulting. This provides comprehensive support for SMEs in digitisation projects.