Mag. (FH) Mario Pfeiffer, MSc, CDC

authorized signatory Institute of Microtraining Personalentwicklung GmbH

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Institute of Microtraining Personnel Development GmbH

The Institute of Microtraining is one of the most innovative training providers in Europe. The basis is the method of microtraining. This combines short classroom training with mobile learning phases using a smartphone or computer. Microtraining is a symbiosis of technology, certified trainers, content and consulting.

Mario Pfeiffer

Microtraining & Operation Management

Mario Pfeiffer is’s expert for microtraining and operations management.

There are two things that shape the changes in learning and continuing vocational training in enterprises: 1. the increasing flood of information: the digitised society has knowledge at its disposal on a scale not seen before in any society and 2. the change from mass education to specialised education: microlearning, individual learning and ready-to-use knowledge that strengthens competences are playing an increasingly important role.


Mario Pfeiffer studied Management & Law at the Management Center Innsbruck and Organisation Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Prior to that he worked for Sony DADC as process manager. He was significantly involved in process optimization projects in England and Australia. In this respect, Mario Pfeiffer has a lot of experience in the field of process optimization and control. His professional expertise also includes setting up start-ups and conducting and supporting company academies.

Current activities at Institute of Microtraining

Mario Pfeiffer has been an authorized signatory of the Institute of Microtraining (IOM), one of the most innovative training providers in Europe, since its foundation. Since the early years of IOM, he has been involved in all areas of the company. With his expertise, Mario Pfeiffer shows companies how they can use digital learning media to minimise the time and resources required for further training and maximise motivation and learning success.

As a Certified Digital Consultant (CDC), Mario Pfeiffer accompanies companies through change processes, from the initial strategic considerations to the implementation of individual projects. It covers a wide range of industries: tourism, industry and commerce as well as sports and the construction and industrial sectors.

Mario Pfeiffer is also responsible for coaching business partners and optimizing processes. In doing so, he passes on his experience from almost 10 years of Microtraining to future partners and advises them on customer acquisition.

Mario Pfeiffer is also the main contact person for the scientific advisory board of IOM.