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Digitization requires expertise: bundles these under one roof.

Digitalization is changing the way we live. Now it is up to companies to change with it and to control new disruptive business models themselves. Digital change needs new ways of thinking and acting and requires a “digital mindset” in your professional environment.

With our experts at, we accompany companies through these change processes – from the initial strategic considerations to the implementation of individual projects. We think locally and act internationally – but always with a clear focus on “Think and act digital”.

Dieter Duftner

Education & Digitisation

Dieter Duftner is the expert for education and digitisation at

Digitalization not only changes business processes and models, but also requires a new way of thinking and learning. Driven by digital change, we are experiencing an education revolution. For the first time in history, learning from place and time is detached. Education is becoming increasingly time- and location-independent, personalized, freely available, networked, playful, more strongly guided by algorithms and competence-oriented. Traditional forms of learning are questioned, digital learning media are increasing.


Dieter Duftner studied educational sciences, educational management and pedagogy at the University of Innsbruck and initially worked as a trainer for several years. More than 1,000 self-held training sessions at companies throughout the DACH region at the beginning of the career formed the basis for the development of the Microtrainings idea.

Dieter Duftner founded the Institute of Microtraining (IOM) in 2010. It is one of the most innovative training providers in Europe and has over 100 methodically
trained and certified trainers and branches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain. IOM combines the findings of learning research with short on-site training sessions and mobile learning.

The umbrella brand was founded in 2018. The group of companies includes IOM, Duftner&Partner Unternehmensberatung, M-Pulso and Certific-Safety Certification. Dieter Duftner is a recognized education and digitization expert, speaker, mentor and sits on the expert jury of the Innovation Foundation for Education on the subject of “Digital Teaching and Learning Materials”.

Current activities at

As the founder of and Certified Digital Consultant (CDC), Dieter Duftner accompanies companies through change processes, from the initial strategic considerations to the implementation of individual projects. It covers a wide range of industries: tourism and trade as well as football and the construction and industrial sectors. With
his expertise, Dieter Duftner
develops digital solutions that play a pioneering role in specific industries.